Welcome the reinvented Food and Ecological Systems Modelling Journal

17 August 2022

The Food Modelling Journal, launched two years ago, underwent a major transformation - including a name change - to cater for a greater range of researchers who seek to open up and publish their mathematical models, datasets and software solutions in an innovative and ‘executable’ manner. 

Rebranded as the Food and Ecological Systems Modelling Journal (FESMJ), the open-access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal expands its scope to include research in the areas of Agriculture, Food, Social-Ecological Interactions, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.

The scholarly outlet welcomes early and brief research research outcomes, such as data, models, model validation studies, software, data analytics pipelines and visualisation methods.

Submissions and publications in FESMJ are to be grouped by scientific field into separate topical collections.

What makes FESMJ particularly innovative is that it provides an “executable article” interface, where authors can execute their model within the article text through a link to a virtual research environment. The interface also supports automated conversion of metadata descriptors of models into draft manuscripts ready for further editing, peer review and publication.

For the next two years at least, publication in the journal will remain free of charge. 

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