Prof Christopher Topping joins revamped Food and Ecological Systems Modelling Journal as a co-Editor-in-Chief

17 August 2022

Prof Christopher John Topping - Full Professor in Ecological Modelling and centre leader for the Social-Ecological Systems Simulation centre (SESS) at Aarhus University, Denmark - joins Matthias Filter (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany) as a co-Editor-in-Chief at Food and Ecological Systems Modelling Journal (FESMJ).

At Aarhus University, Topping is working with large simulation models, typically at landscape scale, including models of many types of taxa of plants and animals, as well as people.  

The appointment of Topping happens at a time of major renovation at FESMJ, where the journal changed its name (previously Food Modelling Journal) and extended its scope to also cover research in the areas of Agriculture, Food, Social-Ecological Interactions, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. From now on, articles in the journal will also be grouped by scientific field into separate topical collections.

“My motivation to engage with FESMJ is to help provide a vehicle for publishing scientific models from the perspective of modellers, and to give credit for the often huge effort needed to craft these. I hope that this journal can become the natural first choice for publishing ecological and socio-ecological models, and that we can contribute to raising the standard of model communication in scientific literature,” says Topping. 

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